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Natural Male And Female Sexual Enhancement Supplement   

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Miracle V Tonic Effective Ingredients
The All Natural Safe Solution 

Chinese Herbal Aweto, Tian Shan Snow Lotus Flower and Icariin, etc

Usage Directions

 Take one pill 10 minutes prior with 20 ounces of warm water


Store somewhere that is cool and dry.  Approximately 3 years shelf life.


Each pill is 500 mg
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What is MiracleVTonic For Men
Are you having problems with Erectile Dysfunction? Trying time and time again to treat Impotence or do you just want to have More Sex, more often? Well whatever concern you’re trying to resolve, look no further because we have the resolution for you!

MIRACLE V TONIC is a male enhancement supplement that treat impotence and improve sperm count.  Although primarily developed to improve the strength, stamina and energy levels during sexual intercourse.

MIRACLE V TONIC has also been shown to help fight against Spermatorrhoea and other Prostate-Related Diseases.  After taking the pill each dose can last up to a week (approximately 180 hours) and you will be able to perform at a high sexual level.  Miracle V Tonic" is safe, effective and 100% natural with no artificial ingredients.

MIRACLE V TONIC is the most electrifying product on the market today geared towards sexual performance.  You can also fight some of the most common impotence causes with this product.   Our customers say they love our product over the pharmaceutical products on the market because it WORKS and they have NO SIDE EFFECTS!  Our customers repeatedly say that this product is a complete success.

The ingredients are found in the Eastern Hemisphere and China.  The Chinese are known for their approach and practices in natural medicine which does not constitute side effects.  All of which are highly revered by the rich and the wise unlike western selections and practices. People from many nationalities around the world have found our product enjoyable, beneficial and serviceable to their needs.

PROBLEMS          Prostate...Testosterone...Kidney...Immune System ... Respiration... Libido... Ejaculations ...Sexual Stability...Etc.         Take Our Small GREEN Pill.  IT IS REMARKABLE!  It is like no other on the market.   TRY OUR PRODUCT TODAY!

Tian Shan Snow Lotus Flower (Saussurea laniceps) is a high altitude plant (over 12,000 feet above sea level) with brilliant white flowers appearing over dark green leaves which grow through the rocks of snowy mountain peaks. It grows in Tibet, Sichuan, Sinkiang, and Qinghai. It is a sexennial herbage and a rare medicinal herb, a special Xinjiang local plant. The snow lotus begins to blossom in July and bear fruit in August in the fifth year of its sexennial growth period. The harvesting of the snow lotus is regulated by the Chinese government and mostly by the military in view of the location of the plant. The stem, root, leaves and blossom of the snow lotus contain a variant composition of alkaloid, volatile oil, steroid, polysaccharide, reduced substance, manganese, zinc and some other trace elements. The whole plant is then harvested to yield the herb that is used as a tonic for weakness, a therapy for menstrual disorders, lumbago, rheumatism and a remedy for arthritis. It is also used as an antipyretic and detoxicating medicine, shown to alleviate menorrhagia, used to enrich blood cells and circulation, promote metabolism, increase vitality, recover weak kidneys and cure impotence.  There are no known toxic side effects.
Chinese Herbal Aweto is mainly produced on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, Yunnan, Gansu and Sichuan . It is considered to be a very valuable Chinese traditional medicinal plant. It also is a unique life form of both animal and plant like conformation - a kind of worm in the winter, while in the summer; it turns into a kind of grass. It is sweet to taste and warm in nature. It helps invigorate the lungs and kidneys, improve inspiration to relieve dyspnea (difficulty in breathing often caused by heart or lung problems), reduce and/or eliminate phlegm and bleeding. It helps promote blood flow, increase cognitive activity, enhance nervous and immune system functions, has great potential of preventing and fighting cancer, and used as an aphrodisiac to strongly improve sexual functions and better energy to the body. It is also, used as a tonic for the aged and diseased to help promote long life.  Aweto is renowned as China's legendary treasure
Icariin is the active compound (a flavonol glycoside) which is extracted from the botanical family of Epimedium plants. Icariin helps stimulate the nerves throughout the body and enhance sexual performance through a variety of mechanisms such as increased testosterone production, boosting of the libido, helping alleviate erectile dysfunction and impotence, increased energy and increased sexual hormone production. It is believed that the epimedium extract balances the level of cortisol in the body. It is highly regarded also for its formidable ability to boost the body’s natural levels of nitric oxide. Nitric Oxide exists naturally in the body and its purpose is to enable smooth muscle to relax, thus resulting in increased blood flow to the whole body, including the penis which allows for fuller and firmer erections. This is an unusual herb in that it has testosterone like effects. The combination of the compounds are widely used in China and Japan and has a history of traditional use for conditions of the kidneys, joints, liver, back, knees and increase drive and stamina both for physical and mental activities. However, it is most widely used as a very effective, natural aphrodisiac.  
The Green Pill

The 100% all natural, effective and safe male enhancement supplement. Don’t be deceived by its size, the potency is amazing . Miracle V Tonic is a natural product made from a precise combination of robust Chinese Herbs.  Many men all over the globe are learning about and using The Green Pill.  Don’t miss out on your opportunity to experience a more satisfying sex life and one of the best impotence remedies on the market. It provides great sexual satisfaction for both you and your partner. Join my other customers and experience the most immense pleasure from this SMALL pill that  packs a ENORMOUS punch!  Regardless of age...this is the product for you! So say goodbye to side effects and hello to pleasurable new experiences!  The time is now...don't delay!


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 Although the information and recommendations are presented in good faith and believed to be correct.  All results shown are claims made by the manufacturer and customers. Your weight and size may be a factor when consuming dose. Results may vary from individual to individual. We cannot and do not give medical advice, so if you should have a serious medical issue, please consult your physician before consumption.  Miracle V Tonic should not be consumed by minors, pregnant women, and women in their lactation period.  Please keep out of reach from children.
100% All Natural Miracle V Tonic 
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